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High-tech startups are a key driver of job creation and young, entrepreneurial companies can lay claim to creating all net new jobs in the US over the last 30 years. So, it should be no surprise that communities faced with a loss of industry are working to expand their economic development strategies past traditional attraction and retention to include the ability to support the launch and growth of new, tech-based businesses.

For most areas of the country, this shift represents both a tremendous challenge and a great opportunity. JumpStart and our partners having been working on creating and entrepreneurially-friendly and resource-rich environment in Greater Cleveland since 2004 and, beginning in 2011, the nonprofit began sharing its decade of experience with other communities Entrepreneurial leadership in Memphis initially approached JumpStart looking to increase the number, growth and impact of high-potential startups in their region. Working with Andre Fowlkes and Eric Mathews of venture development organization Start Co., JumpStart initially helped determine if there was untapped deal flow in the region and found ways to help Memphis leverage its existing resources. Recently, the two organizations announce the creation of MEMx, a development plan to spur entrepreneurial growth and new programs in the Memphis market.

In this JumpStart Entrepreneurial Network podcast hosted by JumpStart's Samantha Fryberger, Andre, Eric and JumpStart Regional Advisor Erin Dorsey talk about inclusive startup-focused community initiatives in Memphis, the relationship that has developed between JumpStart and Start Co. and how both groups are benefiting from the partnership.

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