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A new trade association is bringing together the groups, organizations, investors and corporations that help Ohio entrepreneurs access the capital they need to grow. 


VentureOhio plans to work on making Ohio’s increasingly robust entrepreneurial scene more self-sustaining by building a more cohesive network, advocating for entrepreneur- and investor-friendly policies, sharing the State’s story—and its successes—broadly, and helping to develop more sources of early-stage Ohio equity capital. “We’re at a point where [current efforts have] supported the creation of a lot of new companies that will need increasing levels of financing as the successful ones mature,” explains VentureOhio president Frank Samuel.



In this podcast, Samuel, board member Lisa Delp and secretary/treasurer Stephen Haynes talk to Samantha Fryberger about the group’s goals, Ohio’s challenges and opportunities when it comes to investment capital, and why this was the right time to launch this type of coordinated effort.

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