JumpStart Inc.

Large companies have some major advantages over startups when it comes to finding and keeping employees. But small ventures can still compete for great talent when they focus on creating a company culture that supports and inspires people.

On November 16, JumpStart held a panel discussion with entrepreneurs and recruiters about using great culture to attract top talent.


  • Moderator: Dan Aerni, Director, Entrepreneurial Talent at JumpStart Inc.
  • Charlie Lougheed, Co-Founder, President & Chief Strategy Officer of Explorys (Now IBM Watson Health)
  • Alan Gilbert, Senior Vice President of Talent at CoverMyMeds
  • Gordon Daily, CEO & Co-Founder at BoxCast Inc.


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On Thursday, October 27 JumpStart hosted a conversation about setting up a strong financial structure that can help attract investors and set up both startups and scaleups for long-term success.

The panel experts provided both insight and advice, as well as stories from real entrepreneurs who are leveraging strong financial practices to drive growth.

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