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On Tuesday, March 12, the JumpStart Entrepreneurial Network, with help from BioEnterprise, hosted a presentation led by Liz Powell, Principal and Founder of G2G consulting, about the Rapid Innovation Fund and related funding opportunities from the Department of Defense for biosciences, IT, aerospace and other high-tech innovations that can assist the military.

The Rapid Innovation Fund program provides $500 million in awards of $3 million each in the form of a contract to companies conducting R&D. So far, 172 companies have received funding since the Rapid Innovation Fund was launched in 2011.

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If you think mentoring only benefits companies and entrepreneurs who are just starting out, think again: Whether you’re an established business owner or a newly minted startup founder, getting (or giving) advice can help you grow.

On Tuesday, March 19th, JumpStart hosted a lively discussion about what mentoring is, how it can help businesses grow and why it’s more important than ever—to both mentors and mentees.

Moderated by Anthony Hughes, Director of JumpStart’s mentoring program, the discussion panel included: Albert Ratner, Co-Chairman Emeritus of Forest City Enterprises; Samuel Gerace, CEO of VERITIX ; Paul Allen, Leader of Bizdom; and Lissette Rivera, CEO of SafeCare.

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The mentoring program at JumpStart was created to expand Northeast Ohio’s capacity to deliver resources and assistance to some of the region's most promising entrepreneurs.

The initiative, supported by the Burton D. Morgan Foundation, is focused on channeling the expertise of teams of experienced and successful business leaders to support of the region’s newest technology entrepreneurs.

By doing so, the program gives a boost to promising young companies that could go on to become significant employers in our community.

In this roundtable conversation, JumpStart's Samantha Fryberger is joined by Lee Nielsen, Gordon Daily and Anthony Hughes to discuss the values and benefits of mentoring programs for entrepreneurs.

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In 2012, over half of Northeast Ohio companies that attracted outside equity investment received some money from angels.

In this panel discussion, moderated by JumpStart Managing Venture Partner Jerry Frantz, eFuneral Co-Founder Bryan Chaikin, StreamLink Software President and CEO Adam Roth, and Clay Rankin, Manager of North Coast Angel Fund, discuss their experiences and offer advice to young companies seeking and receiving angel investments.

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Angel investments can be vital to a company’s growth and development. However, knowing how to access this capital—or figuring out what angel investors are looking for—can be daunting. In this roundtable conversation, angel investor Ben Sheridan, North Coast Angel Fund Executive Director Todd Federman and JumpStart Chief Investment Officer Lynn-Ann Gries discuss the angel investing process—everything from what they look for in an investment and how companies should prepare to pitch (or receive) angel investment to why angels are important to the economy.

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We opened Cleveland Magazine’s annual issue devoted to the region’s most interesting people and were thrilled, but not surprised, to see two of JumpStart’s favorite entrepreneurs featured this year: Laura Bennett, CEO and co-founder of Embrace Pet Insurance and Lindsay Sims, founder of the IT startup Renter’s Boom. Both IT-savvy female founders are growing innovative companies and blazing trails as part of a growing number of successful female entrepreneurs in Northeast Ohio.

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The 2012 Northeast Ohio Entrepreneur Expo featured 117 young companies, more than 30 entrepreneurial support providers and welcomed over 1200 registered attendees ... making it JumpStart's biggest startup showcase yet.

One of the highlights of the expo was an entrepreneur panel discussion, "Northeast Ohio Startup Success Stories You Should Know" which offered many insights into starting and growing a multimillion-dollar company in Northeast Ohio.

Hosted by Jacqueline Acho, President of The Acho Group, the panel included: Dr. David Kay (CMO of Orthohelix Surgical Designs), Andy Lefkowitz (President and CEO of Ganeden Biotech), Ron Seide (VP & General manager of Connectivity Products Business Unit at Laird Technologies ) and Brittney Gonzalez (PR Manager at LivingSocial).

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LLC, C-Corp or S-Corp: What's Right for My Business?

On Thursday, September 6, JumpStart invited Jonathon Vinocur, Partner at Thompson Hine, LLP, to speak at the information session, "LLC, C-Corp or S-Corp: What's Right for My Business?" At this Dominion-sponsored event, Vinocur discussed why forming an entity is one of the most important things entrepreneurs can do to protect their businesses and personal assets. He also explained the differences among LLCs, C-Corps and S-Corps--including the requirements needed to maintain them-and also shared examples of times when entrepreneurs made the right and wrong choices.

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Why is Northeast Ohio the right place to start a business? Listen to the podcast to hear how some of the region’s most successful entrepreneurs are harnessing Northeast Ohio’s funding opportunities, comprehensive small business resources and top talent.

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According to a new survey of Generation Y workers, one of the most popular majors for that group is "entrepreneurial studies." This is a relatively new area of study, and it’s also a discipline that’s not easily summarized. Still, the Northeast Ohio educators, entrepreneurs and students interviewed in the latest JumpStart Entrepreneurial Network podcast believe that entrepreneurial education has great value outside of the classroom—and fosters skills and strengths which resonate long after graduation.

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